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This is how it all started and continues to grow stronger and broaden its territory. The times may have changed, but the formula still works. "Trust the Process!"

Dr. Kenneth O. Smith


Proverbs 3:5-6




Devine Records Management was birthed 2007 by visionary Kenneth Smith in Dillon, SC. The vision started as an idea of the two letters being overlapped together to form DeVine Records. In 2008, the DR logo was first used on the first album produced by the company, which was the launch for its first public campaign.


The “DR” logo had been continuously used throughout the years until 2011. At this time Kenneth Smith relocated DR to Florence, SC. Finding Florence to be a more competitive market; it was evident that the company presentation and logo would need to be enhanced. Mr. Smith sought out Tedric Fulmore of Kingstree, SC, who designed the second logo. The second logo would be expanded now from mere letters to having the company name spelled out and in gold letters with red flames. It was also at this time that Divine would be changed to DeVine, reflecting on the creativity and spiritual message of the visionary.


As the year went by and the next level was approached, it was clear yet a new enhancement to the logo would be needed in order to stand up and stand out as a leader in the rising Gospel Indie music market.  In 2012 a new logo was chosen, as the company now was certified with the state and officially became DeVine Records Management, LLC. At this time, also, a commercial business location was established at 159 N. Coit St, in downtown Florence, SC. During the upcoming months Mr. Smith prayerfully chose 12 gifted people from various walks of life, business influence and ministry backgrounds to form the initial DRM Staff. Those persons were: Sarah Clawson, Chris E. Taylor, Sheila Taylor, Hasani Lateef, Leya Elijah-Eller, Kregia Hardy, LaShelle Crump, Barris McWhite, Charay Vaughn, Faith Brown, Hope McCants and Bruce Logan. Over a period of time the following people were added: Becky DeWitt, Rebekah Grice Baker, William T. Davis, Faith Frinks, Shenee Shaw, Wayne McCrae, Andrew Mole, Garland Miche Waller, Roderick Stuckey, Phil & Sable Echols, Arthenius Jackson, Jeremy Carroll and Sean Wilson. This was the formation of a group of people who willing gave their time and hearts to help start the company begin operating as a structured division in the music industry.


As business operations continued, other business entities were developed and formed under the DRM umbrella. These included: DeVine Glory Magazine (which is the first Christian Bi-Lingual Magazine for INDIE Artist), WIAG – I Am Gospel Radio, DeVine Journal and DRM Global Publishing.

As of January 2015 the company continues to operate in excellence, under integrity and is being widely recognized across the country in all markets. We are also helping our artist elevate and expand their ministries globally.

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